Minsk 16:09

Rubel up against all key currencies at BCSE

(Omid Armin / unsplash.com)

July 10, Pozirk. The rubel has strengthened to 3.2047 against the US dollar at the July 10 trading session of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange (BCSE).

It also climbed to 3.4725 against the euro, 4.3912 per 10 Chinese yuan and 3.6462 per 100 Russian rubles.

Last week (July 1–5), the rubel lost 1.54-percent of its value against the dollar, 2.31 percent against the euro and 1.78 percent against the yuan. It gained 0.83 percent against the Russian currency.

The Belarusian currency strengthened 0.48 percent against the dollar in the first half of 2024.